A Basic Guide To Making A Gambling Website

The gambling industry is huge and is highly beneficial for business owners. Over the last years, especially considering the global pandemic and the lockdowns, online gambling has become significantly more popular. Now, online casino gambling sites are as important for the whole industry as traditional offline casinos.

And they’re easier to manage and operate, too. Don’t get it wrong, though. Starting a gambling website is by no means an easy task. If you’re ever heard about how to make a gambling website, you know that it requires a lot of resources, time, and effort. It’s just that creating an online casino platform is just a tiny bit easier than opening an offline one.

Choosing Basic Software

When learning how to start a gambling website, the first thing you need to do is do research on all the available software on the market. It will be sort of your foundation for the whole project. All the possible implementations, issues, upgrades, limitations, and features in general, are formed by the casino website software.

That means, starting a gambling website is almost impossible without using already made software. Unless you want to spend gigantic amounts of resources on the development of your own online casino program. Of course, it’s still an option, and may even bring profit eventually. But you need to have years if not decades of experience in both the gambling industry and software development to do everything right.

So, when searching for online casino software, you’ll run into dozens of different “vendors”. They offer a vast range of different programs, from the back-end foundations that will operate the technical side of the project, to the ones that sell games.

Obviously,  you need to choose the base for the website first. Just read through (or contact suppliers directly), to find out about all the opportunities their casino website software offers.  Then, one needs to fill the site with the primary product – games. They are the reason customers will visit your casino in the first place.

There are 2 main types of game vendors. The first is the game developers themselves. Buying games directly from them gives you a lot more customization options but may bring some limitations. That’s because most of them won’t allow you to integrate many games from other developers.

The second option is to buy such software from third-party vendors. They sell games one by one or in “bundles” and have a very wide selection. It’s a much easier way to obtain gaming software for your casino both legal- and integration-wise. But of course, it comes with a higher fee.

Choosing The Content 

Now that you know who to buy internet casino software from, it’s needed to choose the games themselves. Knowing how to choose between different gaming programs is one of the key points in learning how to make a gambling website. Because filling the website with random gambling options of poor quality and spending precious time solving their integration issues will never bring you profit.

First, research the game’s integration into the project. It’s one of the key factors, as when starting a gambling website, you need to know how to place a game on the website, and its possible upgrades and issues. It may even occur that some games are “not compatible” with your software. It’s a very rare occasion and doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s impossible to use a particular product. However, the complications such games bring are not worth the potential revenue from them.

Now, look at the content from the customer’s perspective. If you want to play a game, you’d want it to look good, perform well, have a simple interface, and be easy to understand, right? Here’s a list of basic things you need to consider:

  • Interface – It may seem like a very basic aspect. But that’s because people are used to seeing programs only with good interface design. Everything must be intuitive, the size of buttons shouldn’t be too big or too large, and space should be allocated wisely.
  • Graphics and animations – it’s an online casino game, so there’s no need for Unreal Engine 4 stuff. However, the quality of pictures and animations still needs to be on the top level. 
  • Security – obviously, one of the most important aspects. Customers need to be certain that the games are safe to play and their data won’t be stolen. Security specifications can be usually found out in the technical specifications or if inquired from the developers directly.

Licensing And Its Specifics

Even though getting into how to start an online gambling site is easier than opening an offline casino in many aspects, it’s still not possible to omit some legal procedures. The first and the foremost point in making your casino legal is the license. As mentioned before, some vendors may provide already-made licenses with their internet casino software. It does save a lot of time and is a somewhat decent option. At the very start, at least.

But for those who plan on expanding their online platforms and have long-term strategies, owning a license is a must. You just can’t learn about how to make a gambling website and not plan on getting a license for the business. The risks of operating an unlicensed business are numerous. Some include huge fines or even law enforcement actions against the legal entity or even the business owners.

Generally, licenses are split up into 4 main types:

  • “Games of Skill” – the ones that only depend on the player’s skill. These include poker, bingo, baccarat, and such.
  • “Casino” – typical casino games that only depend on random. Roulette, lottery, and such only use random number generators to get a result. Players cant do anything to increase or decrease the chances of winning.
  • “Betting” – obviously enough, it includes everything regarding the bets. From usual and online sports to events like court decisions and Nobel prize winners.
  • “Slots” – as the name suggests, there’s a separate license for slots. It fully depends on luck too, but there are some additional complications because it works a bit differently.

Of course, the types, and their differences may differ from one country or region to another. In some countries, it may be even possible to get them all as a single document. Also, many casino owners use “offshore” licensing in countries where the price is lower. Keep in mind that it may bring some reputation- and tax-related issues.

Choosing Payment System

The customers need a way to pay for casino services, and the company needs to receive these payments somehow, right? That’s why payment systems exist. When learning how to start a gambling website, you may get a false impression that you don’t need a payment system and that your developers can make one from scratch.

But in reality, creating a fully functional, stable, and secure payment system may require a few times more money than every other aspect of starting a gambling website. And even if you do, it will probably one of the disadvantages of your website in the eyes of customers. Because they always prefer payment systems that are familiar to them.

So, it’s needed to choose the already existing one. This process is somewhat similar to choosing an online casino program foundation and games. However, as we’re talking about money here, it’s needed to be very careful and research the security of each payment system very thoroughly. Otherwise, not only your money will be lost, but also customer’s payments. 

The good news is, most of the time software providers (the one you bought the basic software and/or games from) recommend their partner’s payment systems. And usually, they do offer good quality- and security-wise products. Though, nobody forces you to go with this option, as there are still other available offers on the market.

The first thing you need to keep an eye on, besides the reputation, is the regions the system can operate in. You’d be surprised but many popular payment systems don’t exist in some regions. And some may operate only in particular countries. So, choose wisely according to the targeted regions. This is also one of the few downsides of starting a gambling website. Because if you wanted to build your own casino in real life, it would be somewhat easier to implement an offline payment system.


Marketing Strategy

Now that the technical side of the gambling platform is closed, let’s get into the most important point in learning how to make a gambling website successful. I’m talking about marketing, of course. Because it doesn’t matter how good all the systems work and how beautiful the site looks if there are no customers.

The best option here is to trust this matter to professionals, but we’ll get to that later. If you want to do everything yourself and want to know how to start a gambling website marketing strategy, here’s a list of some basic things to pay attention to:

  • Distinction – First of all, you need something to distinguish your website from thousands of other ones. It can be some innovative internet casino software, bonuses for new customers, or even incredible design and interface.
  • Pre-launch marketing – The best time to start advertising your platform to the customers is a few months before its launch. The best option here is to involve known figures and influencers so that they can create hype around the launch of your gambling website.
  • Usual marketing – What does usual marketing mean? Well, you need to use all the possible options to get customers. There are many ways to market the product online nowadays. SEO, targeted advertising, Google ads, banners on other websites, reviews from public figures. Use everything you can, but do it wisely and with good research beforehand.
  • Support – The support team is an essential part of marketing. How is it even related to how to start an online gambling site, you may ask? The answer is simple – a good support service always increases your reputation. It makes the customers trust your platform much more, which helps to bring even more traffic.
  • Referal program – Implement a refferal program. The most basic example of it is when players receive certain bonuses for each new customer that joined via their referral link.

Professional SEO Services

Now back to the professional marketing services I mentioned earlier. One of the key factors in starting a gambling website and making it popular on the Internet is Search Engine Optimization, SEO for short. It ensures that your website is shown in the first organic results on Google’s result page. Because we all know that people tend to click only on the first few links there.

That means, hiring SEO specialists is an essential part of getting into how to make a gambling website. The best option here is to trust the market leader “SEO Casino”. They offer the whole spectrum of SEO casino services to bring your site’s traffic to the top level. Professional marketers and SEO experts from Develux can even upgrade your online casino program a bit, to make it more appealing to Google’s search engine and ensure that it will always remain at the top of organic results.

As you can see, learning how to start an online gambling site isn’t that easy of a task. In many aspects, you’ll have to trust other services to provide you with their products. So, always be careful, take challenges one by one, research everything before you even contact the services themselves, and don’t be afraid to make tough decisions.

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